What is Google AdWords?

If you type “AdWords” on Google, you will find Google AdWords.
You can create an account to have a better idea about what it is. Creating an account is free. When someone uses google AdWords they have one of these objectives: promote a product, service or website.

If you have an account, then log in. You will see that you can create campaigns.

These campaigns are fairly easy to set up. All you have to do is follow their steps, and you have your campaign to promote whatever you want.

If this is getting confuse to you, don´t worry. As you are reading, this things will get clear.

Google AdWords is a biding system.
Who bids the higher gets the better spot. Go to google and type “weight loss”. See those sponsored adds on the right? You can put your adds there. The higher you pay, higher is your position on google. This is the basics. Now you need to understand the 2 types of campaigns that you can set up.

Google Search Network

If you ever used AdWords before than you know what this is.

You choose keywords related to what you are promoting, and bid for them.

If you still don´t get it what bid is, there is no problem. Let me give you a quick example. You go to an auction looking for a car. Lets suppose you want a Ferrari that they are selling.
Being a Ferrari, many people will want to get it too. The Ferrari comes out, and a lot of people start biding. Since there is many people interested in that car, the person you buys it at then end, will have to pay a lot of money. Now, comes out an old and kinda ugly car.

Since you did not got the Ferrari because you could not afford, you are interested in buying that one. Since is not a good looking car, almost no one will want that car. This means you will Buy Google Ads Accounts it very cheap.

The example above was to explain you this: If you choose keywords that many people type on google, advertisers will be all over those keywords.

This means you will get more competition, and have to pay more. On the other hand, if you go for those keywords that few people type, then you will pay less. Choosing these keywords will make you pay less, but will also give you less impressions and clicks.

Just to make it clear, if you choose this kind of campaign your ads will pop up on the Google search engine on the Sponsored ads section.

If you do not know how to choose keywords, then type on Google “google keyword tool”.

Click on the first result. There you will find all the keywords related to your topic. This tool can save you a lot of time.

Google Content Network

By choosing this kind of campaign, your adds will display on websites instead of the google search engine.

It is still a biding system, but this time you are not biding on a keyword, but in a placement. If there are 4 spots to advertise on a website, the 4 higher bids will be there. You can advertise in 5 website, 50 websites, 500… You choose how many you want.

Hope this could help you somehow.

Until next time. Take care.

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